This is not writing

ISBN 978-0-9582981-9-3
Text by Julian Dashper
Published by Clouds and Michael Lett, 2011
188 pages

Introducing Donald Dashper

ISBN 0-9597984-9-8
Text by Julian Dashper
Published by PS, Amsterdam, 2002
8 pages

Julian Dashper / Donald Judd

ISBN 978-90-809695-0-6
Text by Steffen Böddeker, Rudi Fuchs, W.J.M. Kok
Published by PS, Amsterdam, 2013
40 pages

Julian Dashper/John Nixon:
The world is your studio

ISBN 0-476-01110-8
Text by Robin Stoney, Ben Curnow, Mark Kirby
Published by The Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland, 2005
48 pages

Blue Circles
Julian Dashper

ISBN 0-473-09163-1
Text by Mark Kirby, Gwynneth Porter
Published by Art School Press, Auckland, 2002
30 pages

Midwestern Unlike You and Me

ISBN 0-9763457-0-6
Text by David Raskin, Christopher Cook, Julian Dashper, Mark Kirby
Published by Sioux City Art Centre, 2005
90 pages

The Twist

ISBN 0-9597984-7-1
Text by Christina Barton, Mark Kirby, Julian Dashper, Trevor Smith
Published by Waikato Museum of Art and History, 1998
126 pages

Julian Dashper Photography 1980-1994

ISBN 0-473-02579-5
Text by Francis Pound, Lara Strongman, Robert Leonard
Published by Manawatu Art Gallery, 1994
37 pages

The Big Bang Theory

ISBN 0-9597984-5-5
Text by Mary Barr and Jim Barr, Lara Strongman, Stuart A. McKenzie, Stephanie Oberg, William McAloon,Tony Green
Published by Julian Dashper, 1993
52 pages

Julien Dashper

ISBN 0-646-420046-6
Text by Ben Curnow, Julian Dashper
Published by Artspace, Sydney, 2003
30 pages

Julian Dashper

ISBN 1-875526-25-0
Text by Trevor Smith
Published by Canberra Contemporary Art Space, 1994
40 pages

Julian Dashper

ISBN 0-9597984-1-2
Text by Francis Pound, Jim Barr and Mary Barr
Published by Sue Crockford Gallery, 1991
24 pages

Water Color

ISBN 0-9597984-0-4
Text by Francis Pound
Published by Artspace, Auckland 1991
4 pages

The Warriors

ISBN 0-473-05590-2
Text by Mary Kirby
Published by Sue Crockford Gallery, 1998
14 pages


ISBN 0-4783-08889-4
Text by T.J. McNamara
Published by Art School Press, Auckland, 2002
48 pages